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Shoot fast With the MAGPUL Patrol Glove

No MAGPUL Patrol glove, no love on this mission.

MAGPUL demonstrates how tactically-oriented they are in the design of their gloves. The Patrol glove was engineered for fast weapons manipulation, electronic compatibility, and classic American can-do attitude.

The choices we have today for the right set of gloves are infinite. Sometimes we need protection from weather elements. Sometimes we need them to protect our hands from work hazards. Other times we need them to be able to combine their efforts and still be able to work with electronics that require special feedback from our fingers.

Magpul covered all of these options with the Patrol glove. The glove works in all three areas and still allows the end user to do what the mission says. Whether it’s operating digitized equipment, or grabbing hold of intricate switches or levers, this glove doesn’t interfere with your natural ability to maximize your fine motor skills.

Gloves don’t provide us very much benefit if we have to force our grip harder than normal to use the gear provided. So why would you chose a glove that doesn’t allow for proper grip and sure-fit hand placement?

When working with firearms we all know, and can agree, that your hand has to fit in the same exact spot each time you grab your weapon so that you have a familiar grip and posture in which to rely on when sighting in. If you have to force your grip, or even tweak your natural shooting style because the glove won’t give and bend the way your natural hand does, then you’re fighting a much more difficult obstacle than the surrounding elements.

These gloves allow you to have a primary layer of nimble protection so that the intricacies you might have to deal with are as normal as the moment you take them off. Stay vigilant and train with exceptional gear that allows you to be as normal as you need.


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Shoot fast With the MAGPUL Patrol Glove