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How To Shoot a BB Gun

In case it’s the first time that you have been given a BB gun to shoot, or you’ve had experience since you were a young man or woman, you’re in for a treat.

There is something about BB guns that just hooks you. If you’ve recently become the owner of one, or bought one for your child, don’t be afraid to admit that you are actually clueless about how to shoot from one.

Shooting from a BB handgun or rifle is an overwhelming experience. You know you have something that is both powerful and dangerous, even if it is on one of the lowest totems of the firearms pole. Even when used in a huge backyard or empty plot of woods, there are certain rules and guidelines that you will always be required to adhere to.

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Safety is of Utmost Importance

The first rule of handling a BB gun or rifle is basic: safety. This rule does not change for anyone whether they are an amateur or a professional. Whether you are new to the world of BB guns or have been using them since quite a long time, the following must be taken care of to comply with the safety guidelines related to BB guns and rifles.

  • Always keep the gun pointing in a safe direction
  • Keep your hand off the trigger when not shooting
  • Store the gun or rifle unloaded and pointed downward

Apart from these precautions, these rules should also be taken into account.

  1. Make sure that the gun or the rifle is not defective. In other words, know how to ensure that the equipment is safe to use.
  2. Check that the ammunition that you are using is suitable for the gun type that you use for shooting.
  3. Wear protective eyewear.
  4. Pay attention to others and learn about handling, loading and operating a BB gun.
  5. Keep a steady hand and do not fidget when you are holding a BB gun or rifle.
  6. Refrain from using a BB gun when you are under the influence of alcohol.
  7. Be very sure that there is no person or thing around or behind your target.

Once all these safety precautions have been taken care of, you can proceed to the following.

Check the material that you will require for shooting. Basically, you will need a BB gun, ammunition, safety wear, a target board or paper and a place to shoot.

Once everything has been compiled, you will need to understand the technique of firing/shooting. Since shooting is all about accuracy, your position and posture is one of the most critical aspects of mastering the art. The first step, however, is to relax. The more comfortable you are, the lesser your shoulders and arms will sway.

To operate a BB gun, put the equipment on ‘Safe’ mode, cock the gun and feed the BBs into the chamber. Now aim in the direction of your target, and take the gun off the safe mode. Keep the stock of the gun in the center of one of your shoulders, left or right depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Set the target and pull the trigger.

Is that all? Almost! Having pulled the trigger, remove your finger and set the safety again in order to avoid accidental shooting. This way you begin with safety and end with safety.

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How To Shoot a BB Gun