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Shoot Over 1000 Yards with the Henry Long Ranger

Lever action guns were thought of as the most accurate rifles for long distance shooting. The Henry Long Ranger is about to change that misconception.

Henry repeating arms has released the 2016 Henry Long ranger. The Long Ranger is a rifle that is configured for .223, .243, and.308 cartridges. The Lone Ranger is the rifle to give you the longer distance impacts that you may be seeking in a lever action rifle. The maximum length for the other Henry big boys, usually drop off at about 300 yards. This new rifle will extend to you the ballistics of .308 cartridges.

The Long Ranger will definitely be accurate because you don't have any moving parts that can cause you to have to adjust your follow-through technique. Most people use bolt action guns because they feel that both actions are more accurate at longer distances. For the most part this is true, however you don't always have another cartridge readily available inside the chamber of a bolt action rifle. With the Long Ranger, you have a box magazine to assist in feeding fresh ammo.

The Henry craftsmanship is still very apparent in the entire body of the Long Ranger. You still get a quality steel receiver, walnut butt stock and forestock, and in house manufactured bolts that deliver a strong solid foundation for the rifle.

When considering if this rifle is for you, you should definitely reflect on the prior training you have using a lever action rifle. Lever action rifles do require a learning curve in training. The Henry repeaters, are great fighting rifles. The Henry long ranger is a great hunting rifle because it incorporates your skills that you have mastered in the Henry lever action big boy series, and allows you to apply those same shooting techniques at what longer distances.

The Long Ranger is not a niche rifle, and has a general applicable use for most hunting.The rifle can be slung with a proper sling, and the rifle will also feed all of the above listed cartridges. The long range or even features a buttstock pad to handle the heavier recoil of the 308. For those in the market looking at a new rifle and even possibly a new rifle platform, and the Long Ranger is definitely worth a look.


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Shoot Over 1000 Yards with the Henry Long Ranger