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Shocking Footage of What it Takes to Capture One Wild Elephant [VIDEO]


People might not think of elephants as an invasive species, but in some parts of the world they are.

Elephants are often seen as majestic and gentle giants. Very few see the raw power they house, or the destruction they can cause in areas they are not native too.

In 1980, the first wild elephants ever seen by the people of Hassan, Harnataka moved in after a large dam gave them access to the new area. At first they too looked upon them with amazement, but that soon turned to worry and fear as the elephants began conflicting with locals.

CAUTION: The video below does contain some graphic scenes that some may find disturbing.

Between 1986 and 2006 there were 276 cases of elephant attacks on villages, resulting in 35 deaths. The elephants also began wrecking farmland, destroying entire seasons worth of work in just one night.

The increasing amount of incidents and fear left the authorities no choice. They had to remove the elephants from their new home.

In February of 2014, the Karnataka Elephant Task Force received orders to capture and relocate all elephants in the area. Unfortunately for all parties involved this is the only way the people there can move these great beasts.

In total they have relocated 23 elephants, mostly bulls, and continue their work today. Hopefully the traumatic experience between the elephants and people will soon be put behind them and everything can return to normal.

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Shocking Footage of What it Takes to Capture One Wild Elephant [VIDEO]