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Shocking Deer Attack on Dog in Suburban Neighborhood [VIDEO]


This shocking deer attack on a dog on a suburban street shows why you shouldn’t mess with wild animals.

With the current level of urban sprawl, encounters between humans and wildlife are inevitable. When they are handled in the correct way, they can be memorable experiences that are safe for everyone involved. However, when ignorance is present, they can turn dangerous for both people and animals alike.

That is especially true when the animal involved is a mother with young. The mother deer in this video is obviously stressed and confused. She is trying to protect her fawn while it is being harassed by a house cat. The deer doesn’t seem to perceive the cat as a threat, but that doesn’t hold true when she catches sight of a local dog.

The deer attack in this video was entirely preventable. The dog should have been on leash or taken indoors when the deer was sighted. The same goes for the cat. Enjoying the sight of wildlife near our homes is one thing, but allowing that creature to be harassed is another. Hopefully the dog wasn’t too severely injured and everyone involved learned a lesson about how to deal with deer encounters in the future.

Keeping a safe distance from the animal, bringing pets indoors, and not doing anything to startle the animal are great tips for safely encountering wildlife.

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Shocking Deer Attack on Dog in Suburban Neighborhood [VIDEO]