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Shocking Charges Against Theresa Vail for Illegal Alaskan Grizzly Kill

Facebook / Theresa Vail

Theresa Vail is going to have some explaining to do. 

I know what you are thinking, another hunting show host broke the law. Well, this time, it's probably someone you wouldn't expect.

Theresa Vail, host of  "Limitless with Theresa Vail" on the Outdoor Channel, is being accused of something that is, well, shocking.

Between May 18th and 27th, 2015, Vail was reportedly with her crew on an Alaskan grizzly hunt while taping an episode. During the trip, she shot a grizzly, only to mortally wound it. Next, Vail loaded up and shot another grizzly nearby with a follow up shot. She only had tags for one bear.

On this hunt, Vail was being guided by Michael Renfro, owner of Renfro's Alaskan Adventures, and partner, Joseph Miller.

"Vail first shot a boar, and in the haste to finish her kill, instead of finishing off the boar, she shot a nearby sow," Alaskan State Tropper Beth Ipsen wrote in an email. "Not only did Renfro and Miller not report the violation as required by big game guides, they conspired to cover up the illegal activity by obtaining a second brown/grizzly bear tag and a blank big game record that was then submitted with the wrong information following the hunt."

As it was reported, Ipsen is charging that Vail and her guides then falsified documents showing that they purchased a second grizzly tag before the hunt, instead of after, as in what really happened.

In a Facebook post on her page, which has recently been taken down, Vail wrote:

This May, during an Alaskan guided bear hunt, I unintentionally harvested a second bear while attempting a follow up shot. I then followed poor advice and allowed the second bear to be improperly tagged. A few days later, the film crew and I reported the incident and have since fully cooperated with the proper authorities. I am deeply sorry for my mistakes.

Officially, Vail has been charged with taking a brown bear without a tag and unsworn falsification in the second degree. Her guides are being charged with failing to report a violation and committing, aiding or allowing a violation.

Her court date is set for December 16th, 2015.


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Shocking Charges Against Theresa Vail for Illegal Alaskan Grizzly Kill