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Sinking Ships off the Texas Coast is a Great Idea, Here’s Why

Over one dozen ships have been sunk in the Gulf of Mexico as part of an ambitious plan to create manmade reefs.

With many dilapidated ships already at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, and another on its way in the fall of 2016, the plan to create artificial reefs along the sea bed is long since underway.

Since the floor of the Gulf is generally 'bare' creating a place for sea life to flourish has shown to be an idea whose time has come. Once the growth that comes from the smallest of life begins to appear on the wrecks, the bigger the crowd becomes with gamefish being the ultimate visitor.

Here's what it looks like before, during, and after a ship whose day has come is sunk to bottom:

Once a decrepit ship has been cleaned to meet EPA regulations, it can be towed to a preapproved area and sunk to create a home for various marine life forms. Some of the money for this project came from the BP oil spill settlement. (Conservationists look away with 45 seconds left in the video)

One bucket list item of mine has always been to fish one of these wrecks. If anything good can come of rusting steel at the bottom of the ocean, it's got to be great Gulf Coast fishing!

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Sinking Ships off the Texas Coast is a Great Idea, Here’s Why