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Shimano Gives GoPro a Run For Its Money

Shimano recently joined in on the high-definition, POV sports camera world with the release of the CM-1000 Sport Camera.

The camera is the first from the company’s new Lifestyle Gear Division, which targets cycling and fishing consumers. The Sport Camera features numerous bells and whistles, while still being priced at an affordable rate ($299). The release date is set for May 2014 and may give GoPro, the “world’s most versatile camera,” some hefty competition.

It is, of course, waterproof; all the way to 10 meters. But the designers went an extra step to create full, waterproof protection without requiring an external case.

The camera is pocket-sized and weighs in at just 86 grams, and Shimano didn’t skimp on video quality to achieve such a small design. It contains a F2.0 bright lens capable of impressive low-light video ability, and a 16 MP backlit CMOS sensor for quality 1080 HD video.

You can check out some fishing footage captured by the Sport Camera in this video:

Multiple lens modes give users the option for standard 135 degree or super-wide 180 degree view. An auto image rotation feature also keeps the image on line with the horizon, no matter what angle the camera is held.

With ANT+ connectivity options, users can connect wirelessly to training equipment to relay data – like heart rates – from the video and display workout performance. WiFi capability also allows connecting to mobile phone apps to view and adjust video operations.

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Standard accessories include a lens cover, an adhesive mount, helmet mount and USB cable.

Do you see Shimano’s CM-1000 Sport Camera being successful as a breakthrough competitor to other top camera brands?

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Shimano Gives GoPro a Run For Its Money