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Sheriff's Deputies Shoot Massive Wild Pig in Michigan

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This massive hog was estimated at 600 pounds.

Feral hogs aren't as big a problem in Michigan as they are in other areas of the U.S. But sheriff's deputies in Allegan County Michigan found themselves facing a very large wild pig problem last Thursday.

A homeowner in Fennville had called the sheriff's department out to their property where the landowner had complained about a wild pig that had broken into a pasture, freeing some horses.

The sheriff's department didn't give a whole lot of details about what happened when the deputies got there, but they ended up shooting the hog. And from the photo of the hog posted online by MLive, it wasn't any ordinary wild hog. The photo shows a hog that takes up the whole bucket of a tractor and was estimated by deputies as weighing around 600 pounds!

MLive also reported the animal had six-inch tusks, but they aren't easily visible in the photo.

Michigan is estimated to be home to around 3,000-5,000 feral hogs and the Michigan DNR has had a "shoot on sight" order for them for the last six years. An Invasive Species order in 2010 made it illegal for wild game ranches and farms to hold razorbacks, Russian boars or Eurasian wild boars due to concerns about them escaping and causing environmental damage.

The huge pig from Fennville however, may be an escaped domestic pig that has been living in the wild for some time. MLive reports a nearby unnamed farmer who took the hog's body thinks it may be one that escaped from his farm. No one know how long it may have been on the loose.

One thing is for sure, no one can deny that isn't one big pig!


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Sheriff's Deputies Shoot Massive Wild Pig in Michigan