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Sheriff Refuses to Disclose Names of Concealed Carry Holders, Community Shows Support [VIDEO]

A Pennsylvania sheriff is under fire for refusing to disclose the personal information of concealed carry holders.

Perry County auditors demanded Sheriff Carl Nace disclose the names and addresses of the county’s concealed permit holders as part of a countywide financial audit, according to WHTM.

Nace refused, citing a provision from the Uniform Firearms Act that prohibits the disclosure of license holder information to the public.

So, the auditors filed a lawsuit against Nace, claiming that they “are not ‘the public.’” 

When the community caught wind of the lawsuit, they rallied in support of Nace.

On Monday, 200 Perry County residents gathered at the county courthouse to talk with county commissioners and show their support for Nace.

The concerned citizens are gearing up to file a class action law suit against the county auditors.

The irony of it all is that the county will likely pay for the attorneys for both the auditor and the citizen-led lawsuit.

“I have not seen any change of heart with the auditors,” said county commissioner Paul Rudy after the Monday public hearing. “I wish they had been here today because I think they would have gotten a better picture of what the people feel and that they are wasting their money, they are wasting the taxpayer’s money.”

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Sheriff Refuses to Disclose Names of Concealed Carry Holders, Community Shows Support [VIDEO]