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Sheriff Helicopter Crew Rescues Dog From Cliff in California [VIDEO]

Hopefully your hunting dog will never have to go through something like this.

Oreo, a black and white labrador, got herself into a pickle last Saturday after wandering halfway down a steep 90-foot cliff above Portuguese Beach in California. Stuck between pounding ocean waves below her, and steep jagged rocks above, Oreo had nowhere to go. The desperate calls from bystanders up above were futile.

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene, and local fire crews showed up early afternoon. Rescue crews were not able to traverse the cliff, because it was too steep and dangerous for a person to climb down.

“It was a kind of like a billy goat trail the dog went down,” Capt. Todd Rollings of the Bodega Bay Fire Protection District told the Press Democrat. “Even the dog realized it was a dumb move.”

So the Sheriff’s Department decided to call in one of their helicopters to help out. Attached to the bottom of the chopper by a 100-foot rescue rope was Deputy Henri Boutany. The pilot flew him in to make the rescue, but first made a couple low passes above Oreo so that she wouldn’t be startled. Boustany was concerned that Oreo might panic, so he brought a towel to drape over her head just in case. But Oreo wasn’t frightened at all. She was super excited to get the Hell out of there. Watch this video shot from the underbelly of the helicopter to see the daring rescue.

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After Boutany dropped off Oreo, rescue workers returned the dog to her owner, a woman who was visiting from San Pablo, Cali. for the day.

“She was stoked,” said Capt. Rollingwood in true California style. “She was a very happy lady.”

Have you ever had to perform a daring rescue to save your dog? Share your story in the comments section. 

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Sheriff Helicopter Crew Rescues Dog From Cliff in California [VIDEO]