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Sheriff David Clarke Speaks the Truth About Society Today

Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke talks frankly about the discord between the police and some elements of society today, and lays some the blame at the feet of BLM and the media.

Sheriff David Clarke is not one to mince words. He tells it like it is and doesn't sugarcoat his language. With 38 years experience in law enforcement, Sheriff Clarke has seen it all, and he has a viewpoint that speaks to many who are distressed about the direction our society seems to be headed.

He talks about the way things used to be, before the Milwaukee economy changed, and when police officers were largely seen as protectors and guardians by the communities they served.

That all changed with the rise of the single parent family, usually single mothers. About 70 percent of all black youth grow up in single parent families. That's horrendous.

There are no father or male authority figures to serve as a role models for youths in the home. In schools it's just as bad. Young people grow up disrespecting authority, and when they meet "the ultimate authority figure, the cop", according to Clarke, the cop has to win.

The cops need to win, says Clarke, because order and liberty are at stake.

Cops engage in millions of calls for service, and it is a rarity when they have to use force. "Very rarely - it is an aberration when they have to use deadly force," says Clarke. "This is a rare occurrence. But now it's been heightened and magnified by the media. This is a breakdown of the underclass society... It's easier to slam the police. We're on the front lines. We're the most visible symbol of government in the community... So we're an easy target."

Concerning Black Lives Matter, Clarke declares, "This is a political construct. It has nothing to do with black lives. It's an ideology. It's a dangerous, hateful, destructive ideology. And it is a very anti-police ideology. These are purveyors of hate toward the American police officer."

Sheriff Clarke declares:

This is now being presented as the symbol for the new civil rights struggle. Compassion for criminals. We've gone from Rosa Parks, who was an icon of the civil rights struggle, Emmett Till, Dr. Martin Luther King, and others. We've gone from that, to Mike Brown? To Eric Garner? To Freddie Gray? To Sandra Bland? Those are icons in the civil rights struggle? No, those are criminals...engaged in behavior that contributed to what happened to them in the end.

Clarke also blames the media for the rise in BLM's destructive message. The movement's talking points have all been debunked according to him. For example, the oft-stated meme that police kill more young black men than any other race? "It's not even close." says Clarke. "By a two to one margin, more white males are killed in police interactions than black males. Two to one. It's not even close!"

The media has a responsibility to report the news, not to favor one narrative over another. And according to Clarke, the media definitely favors the BLM narrative. To the extent that they downplay or ignore altogether the actual statistics.

In a fiery interview with television talking head Don Lemon, Clarke stated, "There is only one group in America - one, Don - that truly cares about the lives of black people in these urban ghettos. And it's the American police officer, who goes out there on a daily basis, puts their life on the line, to protect people."

Sheriff Clarke admits that the police are not perfect. He acknowledges their shortcomings and weaknesses. But he doesn't expect perfection from his officers. He expects excellence. And overall excellence is what he gets.

Oliver North ends the video with this:

"Hopefully our next President will be the kind of leader who sets an example of respect for those who protect and serve in uniform."

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Sheriff David Clarke Speaks the Truth About Society Today