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Shelter Survival: Man Builds Hut Out of Sticks and Mud [VIDEO]

Building this nice hut out of sticks and mud is no easy task. Watch as this man makes it look like a breeze.

In this video, a man builds an impromptu shelter out of nothing.

He starts with just a bare spot on the ground. He cuts small trees and makes a frame and roof for his hut. Next, he puts wide leaves in staggered heaps and bark from a tree to make a roof. He uses bamboo by splitting it and weaving it into the frame to make walls.

At this point, it is a very nice shelter but he goes a step further. He molds and fires himself a clay pot and transports water back to his campsite. He uses more clay and water to make walls in his hut. These clay walls are thick and really make the shelter look sturdy.

He makes himself an elevated bed and even a fireplace with a chimney. It’s really feeling very homey now.

In doing all of this he only used primitive tools. He used rocks for cutting and hammering and vines for cordage. He only made his fires from friction methods and carried water with a clay pot that he made.

He stays silent for the entire video just going about his task and enjoying himself.

It is remarkable what you can build with a little bit of know-how. By using just his hands and what he could find, this man was more than happy to build this shelter.

There is just something amazing and compelling about this video.

The man who built the shelter said that it took him 30 days to build it and it is still standing. He visits from time to time.

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Shelter Survival: Man Builds Hut Out of Sticks and Mud [VIDEO]