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Sheep Pneumonia in Montana Prompts Potential Hunting Closures


The recent cases of sheep pneumonia have wildlife officials considering hunting closures in Gardiner, Montana. 

Biologists are still perplexed about the exact cause of sheep pneumonia that is currently plaguing hunting areas near Gardiner, Montana. Wildlife managers in the area are considering closing the region to bighorn hunting for this season.

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The sheep pneumonia has affected many bighorns the last few seasons, but the reason some appear to be immune to the disease is unknown. In hunting district 305 in Park County, 30 to 40 percent of bighorn rams have died resulting from sheep pneumonia. This winter alone, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks workers found more than 24 dead sheep.

The Montana FWP is scheduling a conference call for Monday, to discuss the outbreak of this sheep pneumonia, which will likely result in hunting area closures near Gardiner. Hunters who’ve already acquired permits for the region will be able to change locations or get a refund.

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Sheep Pneumonia in Montana Prompts Potential Hunting Closures