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Shed Hunting with Man’s Best Friend is Gaining in Popularity

Outdoor Channel

Are you looking for a new way to sharpen your dog’s skills? Try hunting for sheds, dogs and their owners are loving it.

Shed hunting is a spring season hunt for the antlers that have fallen off of deer, elk, and moose. This event occurs every season drawing out several shed hunting enthusiasts. The popularity in this activity seems to be growing season by season. Also growing in popularity is shed hunting with your dog. Dogs are being trained to locate and retrieve sheds and they are loving it.

Antlers can be sold on the open market for as much as $15 per pound. This lucrative pastime has many turning this into a business opportunity. Dog trainers are even capitalizing on this growing trend by offering training sessions specializing in shed hunting.

Any dog with retrieving instincts can be a mighty shed hunter. It does take time and commitment to have your companion be efficient and effective. You can start out by getting an elk antler dog treat or a dummy with some antler scent. Giving a simple command like “find the bone” while playing fetch with an antler is also a step in the right direction.

Hunting sheds might be what you and your dog have been looking for as an alternative for physical activity and keeping their senses at peak performance levels. Give it a try and see if your dog has what it takes.

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Shed Hunting with Man’s Best Friend is Gaining in Popularity