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Shed Hunting on Steroids: Searching for Mammoth Tusks

Many people spend a couple of months each winter searching for sheds, but this is over the top cool!

This family spent time searching for tusk of now extinct animals in Alaska. This is shed hunting on steroids.

The Discovery Channel followed the Lewis family to their new cabin in the Alaskan wilderness and along the way got to see the reactions of this pioneering family as they spot sights not seen for thousands of years.

Through the natural erosion process, the tusks of mammoths now begin to see the light of day and are seen by the first modern humans.

Recent studies have found that the woolly mammoth was still in existence as recently as 10,000 years ago. Experts continue to disagree as to the actual cause of their demise, but habitat loss is the most common factor. However, the exact cause of that habitat loss is in hot dispute.

According to Wikipediathere was a small herd of surviving Wholly Mammoths on Wrangel Island until around 1650 BC. Rising sea levels and warming trends along with human interaction seems to have had a dramatic impact on the herd.


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Shed Hunting on Steroids: Searching for Mammoth Tusks