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Shed Hunting Continues to Grow in Montana


Hunters were treated to the opening of public land to shed hunting recently and hundreds showed up for their chance at some bone.

Antler prices and the market for them continues to grow nationwide. Depending on the condition of the antler, they can fetch anywhere from $8 - $16 a pound. This market has been dominated in the past by states like Montana, Idaho and Wyoming but popularity is increasing nationwide with "shed rallies" in the east and antler buyers scouring the entire country.

Fish and Game departments are forced to stay up to date with the growth of this sport as human use of public ground potentially effects wintering game animals. Shed hunting is beginning to resemble the hunting regulations themselves with seasons opening and closing and even some states, like Utah requiring participants to take a course. News, Sports and Weather

Before you hit the hills be sure and check your state regulations to make sure the land you're walking on is open for hunting. Also, look for regulations regarding what you can or can't pick up. New Mexico for example, forbids hunters from picking up antlers still attached to the skull, otherwise known as "dead heads."

However, you may be able to retrieve it after obtaining a permit.


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Shed Hunting Continues to Grow in Montana