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Go on a Shed Hunting Adventure with a Giveaway Contest


The guys from Hushin hit the mountain for a few days of shed hunting. It’s more intense than you think it is. And they’ve got a contest for you to enter!

Eric Chesser and his friend Martin Chagnovich – and a few other friends – head out to hunt elk and mule deer sheds. They meet with a mix of good luck and not-so-good luck. But when they have good luck and they find the sheds, then things are very good indeed.

They find a bunch of older antlers (which Eric says is “never a bad thing to find some old ones though. Makes you feel like maybe nobody’s been here.”) and some newer ones.

Matt kicks things off by finding a nice set of big elk antlers no more than a few yards apart. “Brownie set!” he said on the radio. It’s a beautiful pair.

Next, when Eric comes upon a broken antler, it’s interesting to see him piece together what happened, with broken tips and pieces strewn about. “Holy cow, look at this!” he says as he surveys the scene. “There was an all out battle right here. Look at this!”

He then points out all of the broken antler pieces laying on the ground. He’s incredulous at the battle that went on between the elk combatants. He located the antlers with his spotting scope, thankful that he decided to carry it along in spite of its extra weight.

Now, you’ve got to watch the second day video of their hunt to see what else they find and get the info for the giveaway they’re offering.

The guys do double duty when hunting sheds, scouting the land and following tracks. On day three they’re high on the mountain and there’s a bit of snow on the ground.

But they end up with a pretty nice haul.

So they’re doing a giveaway of one of the antlers they found on the trip and a Hushin hat. I’m not going to tell you what you need to do to enter the contest – you’ll have to watch the whole video for that (I’m entered and I want to win!). But the antler is cool and it’s a great giveaway.


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Go on a Shed Hunting Adventure with a Giveaway Contest