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Sharpshooting: Kill Shot Pest Control [VIDEO]

The .25 caliber can do some serious damage on pests.

The videographer of this video is a firm believer in the .25 and after watching this video, you might be too. The video also has a nice touch of filming with the scope cam; it’s pretty awesome.

Check out .25 caliber in action with a scope cam.

This guy made pest shooting a full day. What’s better than a beautiful Wisconsin day with a few brews? There were no wounded animals in this video, only clean misses or kills.

The effectiveness of the .25 caliber for pest control is apparent. The larger caliber creates a more forgiving shot.

This video does an awesome job showing the bullet impact and how wind can push your shot in a certain direction.

Pest control success!


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Sharpshooting: Kill Shot Pest Control [VIDEO]