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Sharpshooter Makes a 200-Yard Head Shot with a Kahr CW9 [VIDEO]

Watch as a sharpshooter makes a 200-yard head shot with a Kahr CW9 semi-automatic pistol!

Amy Jane, a firearms instructor and stunt double, entered the world of sponsored competition shooting only a year ago, and made this impressive shot by using a technique called "shooting out the notch."

This technique involves aiming the base of the front sight in line with the top of rear sight. After only a few tries, Ms. Jane made the shot - hitting the target "right between the eyes."

Shooting out of the notch is a long-distance strategy first implemented by Elmer Keith, developer of the .357 magnum, .44 magnum and .41 magnum revolver cartridges.

"It was a hard shot, I'm not going to lie...Elmer knows what he's talking about!" said Jane.

The Kahr CW9 only has a 3.5-inch barrel, making the shot all the more noteworthy. The tiny gun has a three-finger grip however, improving accuracy and nudging it out of the "pocket pistol" market, as it requires a holster.

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Sharpshooter Makes a 200-Yard Head Shot with a Kahr CW9 [VIDEO]