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Sharps 25-45: Your AR-15 on Steroids [VIDEO]

22Plinkster has a brand new toy, a Sharps 25-45. Watch his rundown on it before shooting a one-inch group at 100 yards and slapping some steel.

If you ever want an honest assessment of the pros and cons of a gun, 22Plinkster tells it like it is.

He’s got a ton of praise for the new Sharps 25-45 rifle. 25-45, you ask? That’s right, the 25-45 is a whole new caliber developed by Sharps. It is designed to take medium to large game, where a typical .22 caliber AR felt inadequate for many shooters.

What does he think of this rifle for medium to large game? Take a look.

22Plinkster explains that the 25-45 is a .223/5.56 “necked up to a .25 caliber.”

Sharps came up with the 25-45, and with that, instead of shooting a standard 55 grain bullet, it’s going all the way up to an 87 grain bullet. This rifle has a whopping 1700 foot pounds of energy. The 87 grain bullet packs a whole lot of punch.

He also says that the 25-45 round will travel at just over 3,000 fps from a 20-inch barrel, and that the  87 grain bullet has 40% more energy than a typical 55 grain 5.56 round. He emphasizes that, “40% more energy is a ton!”

About the only downside to the rifle is the ammo, or more specifically the price of the ammo. “The ammo is a little pricey,” 22Plinkster admits. “It’s between $23 and $25 a box of 20.”

“But,” he continues, “you can get from Sharps some blemished rounds. That’ll run for about $19 for 20 rounds. But if you’re an avid reloader like myself, you would buy the dies from Sharps and just reload the ammo yourself and save a ton of money.”

After firing three rounds in a one-inch group, Plinkster exclaims, “I will take that all day long.” He then dings some steel on his wooded range, with the usual expert marksmanship we’ve come to expect from the man.

22Plinkster also revealed in other comments he mad that, “What you didn’t see is the other 250 shots I fired off-camera. All the groups were the same, even a couple of 5-shot groups. They were all about an inch.”

No doubt about it, he makes the 25-45 Sharps look like a very appealing firearm.

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Sharps 25-45: Your AR-15 on Steroids [VIDEO]