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How to Sharpen Knives for Your Wild Game Kitchen [VIDEO]


If you’ll be butchering your own deer this season, knowing how to sharpen knives is essential.

Processing your own wild game is one of the most rewarding things about hunting. After putting in all that time in the field, you get to watch custom venison steaks and beautiful roasts appear before your eyes.

But if you’ll be doing your own game processing, you’ll also need sharp knives. Knowing how to correctly sharpen your knives is a critical skill that you’ll need now and can use for the rest of your life.

The short video below shows us how to use a sharpening steel to put a nice edge on your knives and get you butchering in no time!

Not too hard, right? Like Scott Rea says, after practicing a little, you’ll develop some muscle memory and the correct angle will be second nature to you.

One of the most important points is to start with a high quality set of knives. If you invest in a good set, they literally can last your lifetime with some TLC and your newfound knowledge of how to sharpen them.

High-carbon steel blades will hold an edge very well unless you keep slicing against bone. Also look for a variety of blades that are comfortable in your hand.

Gander Mountain

To summarize, let’s look at the four easy steps to sharpen your wild game butchering knives this season.

1. Place the sharpening steel tip down on the table for stability.

2. Angle your knife to the sharpening steel at about 20 degrees.

3. Maintaining that angle, slowly drag blade down the steel from heel to tip several times, until blade is to desired sharpness.

4. If doing heavy butchering, sharpen a few strokes every half hour or so to re-hone.

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How to Sharpen Knives for Your Wild Game Kitchen [VIDEO]