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Learn How to Sharpen a Knife at Camp with Ray Mears

Ray Mears shows how to sharpen a knife.

Is your knife in need of sharpening, but you just can't seem to get a good edge? Here is a good lesson from bushcraft guru Ray Mears on how to sharpen a knife.

We've all been there. You're working away with your knife at a deer hanging in your garage, or a fish on the cleaning table, and you're just not getting anywhere. Maybe you hit too many bones or maybe it's been too many hours since you last spent some time with your sharpening stone.

Whatever the reason, it always pays to keep a good edge on your knife.

If you're having trouble with your knives, check out this video from Ray Mears about how to sharpen a knife at camp.

A sharp knife will pay for itself in a hurry when you need it. Nothing is more frustrating then hacking away at a piece of meat or a hide with a dull knife.

Ray has spent many hours in the backcountry and is an expert in bushcraft. Throughout his videos it is easy to see his dependence on his knife, and the edge that knife has.

It is not coincidental he uses Japanese sharping stones on his knives. The Japanese have a tradition of sharp steel tracing back to the legendary sharpness of the samurai sword.

In a true survival situation, a good knife is a must-have. I have heard from one survival expert that if he could take only one piece of equipment into the woods, it would be a sharp knife. With a good knife he would be able to find or make anything else he felt he would need.

Knowing how to sharpen a knife, and use it, is an essential skill for anyone wishing to pursue bushcraft or wilderness skills. They are used in almost every activity you partake in while in the woods, and unless you happen to stumble across a milk cow and are able to get some butter made, having a dull knife will be of little use.

So use the advice Ray gives and finally get the edge on your knife that will make your bushcraft jobs easier.


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Learn How to Sharpen a Knife at Camp with Ray Mears