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Sharks Tweet To Alert Australian Beachgoers

Humans aren’t the only ones using Twitter; now sharks tweet, too.

Sharks swimming off the coast of Western Australia are alerting anglers and swimmers to their whereabouts via Twitter messages.

Researchers have tagged more than 320 sharks throughout Western Australia with transmitters to track their movements.

The tagged sharks tweet when they get within a half mile of the coast.

Their transmitters send information to a computer that automatically composes and posts a message to Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s twitter feed, @SLSWA

SLSWA is the organization that’s coordinating the program.

Here’s what the tweets look like:

 Surf Life Saving WA  SLSWA  on Twitter

The tweet alerts are helping both anglers and swimmers receive timely information to stay safe in a region known for its deadly sharks.

“You might not have got some of that information until the following day,” Chris Peck of the SLSWA told Sky News. “Now it’s instant information.”

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Sharks Tweet To Alert Australian Beachgoers