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Sharks Are Swimming In Venice’s Canals

Last month, a resident of Venice, Cali. spotted sharks swimming in the city’s historic canals.

They’re not big sharks, just baby leopard sharks. Local Sheena Duggal noticed the sharks while she was jogging along the canal. She posted a couple pictures of the baby leopard sharks to Twitter.

The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium said they’ve received similar reports of the sharks in the canals, but these were the first photos of them they had seen.

Baby leopard sharks a pretty harmless to humans. They can bite, but they are fairly docile. Duggal said she doesn’t think they’ll be biting anybody anytime soon.

“When the ducks came by they go out of the way, which I thought was quite funny,” she told the Argonaut Online.

Leopard sharks live in Pacific coastal waters. They can grow up to 5 feet in length. When these sharks reach that size, they’ll probably swim out of the canal into the ocean.

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Sharks Are Swimming In Venice’s Canals