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Sharks Attack a Sea Turtle in Rare Video


If you’ve seen Finding Nemo, you’re probably a fan of sea turtles. But these sharks just see this one as lunch.

Nature is a cruel beast, and in the ocean it’s survival of the fittest. While out on the water, Andy’s Fishing gets a close encounter with a Tiger Shark and two Lemmon sharks as they tear into a sea turtle.

The sharks were not about to pass up a free meal, and they hung around even as the boat got extremely close. At one point in time, the Tiger Shark was just a few inches away from the person recording the feast.

Unfortunately for the Finding Nemo fans, this sea turtle’s days are over, but that is the nature of the beast.

Anytime you encounter a shark in the wild, it is a sight you cherish and enjoy as long, as you are safe. They are the apex predators that fascinate us no matter the size. The chance to film one feeding this close is a truly remarkable opportunity.

Who knew tiger sharks liked turtle soup?

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Sharks Attack a Sea Turtle in Rare Video