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Shark Week is Almost Here! These Are Our Favorite Shark Highlights

Brad Smith

Shark Week starts June 26th, but here are a few shark highlights you can watch right now.

Shark Week begins on June 26th on the Discovery Channel, but contributors here at Wide Open Spaces are covering offshore stories of saltwater monsters each and every day. Here's a few stories that will get you hyped up for Shark Week...

This February, Mateja Lane covered a survey flight that captured footage of thousands of blacktip sharks making their way up the coast of Florida.


One of my own first stories for Wide Open Spaces was about some brave divers that actually removed a discarded hook from a shark's mouth in open water.

Screenshot Shark HookOWS

Brad Smith covered this video where a bunch of looky-loos on a pier got totally freaked out and over-reacted to a gentle basking shark that got a little close to a kayaker.


It's a healthy fear to have though, as Brad displayed in a second story where a kayaker fishing off the coast of Africa was reeling in a dorado that was taken right by the boat, knocking him overboard.

Or this kayaker's experience covered by Nathan Unger, who hung his leopard shark catch off the side, only to have a smaller great white come up and take half of it from him in an epic battle of tug of war.


Most sharks don't mean any harm, but when push comes to shove, you've got to be able to stand your ground against them, like these killer whales that teamed up and took out a shark that had been harassing them. Don't mess with mother nature!


Wide Open Spaces editor Shannon Ratliff shows just how brutal Mother Nature can be with this write up on a turtle being eaten by a crocodile that is being chased by sharks.

As if that wasn't brutal enough, she also covered a school of tiger sharks ripping apart a whale.

Sometimes drone footage makes for good video, but others like to get up close and personal, like these divers captured a great white going airborne from inside a shark cage. Of course, as editor Eric Pickhartz said in this story, "Why would anyone in their right mind want to do this sort of thing?"


As if that wasn't terrifying enough, Matt Alpert displays just how high several species of sharks can actually jump in a series of infographics. Did you know a Short fin Mako can grab 30 feet of air? Yikes!


Zach Miller even wrote about this Florida Bobcat decided to make a meal of a smaller shark that washed up near shore, in spite of the fact it was still flopping around. This image tells the story...


If you really want to freak yourself out wondering what's beneath the ocean's surface, take a look at how deep the ocean really is...


Or if you're brave enough, go out and try to catch one... on a fly rod! This short film covered by Scott Mcmorrow shows just what kind of adventure that can be!


Well now that our shark addiction is satiated until Shark Week, we can't wait to start the countdown!


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Shark Week is Almost Here! These Are Our Favorite Shark Highlights