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Shark Tournament Blamed for Beach Closure in Florida [VIDEO]

Lifeguards blame a shark fishing tournament for drawing the toothy predators to the beach.

The swimming beach at Ocean Reef Park was closed last week because of a shark tournament. Ocean Reef is on Singer Island, near Palm Beach on Florida’s east coast.

Lifeguards blame the closure on a shark fishing contest after contestants set up just outside the swimming area. They say the anglers’ bait and chum bring the sharks closer to shore and imperil swimmers.

Tournament officials say sharks are tagged and released and data collected is used for scientific purposes.

The lifeguard interviewed for the report doesn’t mention seeing any sharks, only the possibility of an increased shark presence. While the television crew was there filming the report, no anglers connected with a shark.

The beach reopened after the tournament ended on Sunday.

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Shark Tournament Blamed for Beach Closure in Florida [VIDEO]