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Shark Does a Quick Fish Poaching from Kayaking Angler [VIDEO]

A kayaking fisherman gets an unexpected visit from a stealthy shark.

When out on the deep open waters doing some kayak fishing, the typical concerns include making sure you don’t get too sunburnt, dehydrated, or in some instances bored. 

Well, this video from JLD762x39 shows a kayaking angler who certainly didn’t have to worry about the former, as I imagine his heart started beating through his chest as he’s reeling in his line as hard as he possibly can, grunting in the process, only to see his catch swiped by a shark.

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How’s that for some crazy Shark Week action?

It’s amazing to hear the guy’s breathing start escalating as the shark jumps right beside the back-end of the kayak, stealing a fish right off the line in the process. At least he was nice enough to leave the fish head intact. It wasn’t a total loss…

Hell, it could have been much worse. I imagine this guy could use a bigger boat.

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Shark Does a Quick Fish Poaching from Kayaking Angler [VIDEO]