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Shark Problem? Maybe This Shark Grenade Will Help [VIDEO]

No really, there's a shark grenade out there that supposedly deters sharks.

Rut Grenade, a company that makes scent-emitting products to help bring in deer for hunters, offers another option for a different kind of purpose.

Essentially the Shark Grenade works like this: you carry one with you while kayaking, snorkeling or scuba diving, and if a shark approaches, you engage the grenade and it strikes an "overwhelming fear of humans that they will carry with them their entire life."

The company's website says it will deter sharks instantly, and last up to 36 hours.

But pay attention to the safety information on the site as well: "We are in no way liable if you are hurt or killed by a Shark or missus or improper handling of the Shark repellent grenade." Gee, thanks.

This video isn't directly from Rut Grenade, but shows the effectiveness behind the same principle in a Discovery clip from a few years ago.

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Shark Problem? Maybe This Shark Grenade Will Help [VIDEO]