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Shark Migration is Crazy When Seen Above from a Drone

You may not know it, but sharks migrate.

Spinner sharks tend to find themselves in very shallow, making it excellent to see above from a drone.

Redington ELEMENTS | Migrations from Redingtongear on Vimeo.


The shark migration in the video shows spinner sharks congregating off the beach in Palm Beach, Fla.

Spinner sharks feed on small fish cephalopods. According to the video poster, they also like to hit flies. That would make for some fun fishing.

The average spinner shark is about 6.6-feet long and weighs 123 pounds. How large can they get? Try almost 10 feet and 200 pounds.

If you didn’t know that there is such a thing as shark migration, they do so for reasons just like other migrating animals. Those are temperature and seasonal changes, reproduction and food sources.

Temperature and seasonal shark migration occurs because sharks have a preferred water temperature to live in.

Migration due to reproduction and food sources are self explanatory.



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Shark Migration is Crazy When Seen Above from a Drone