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Shark Hunting With a Bad Ass Slingshot [VIDEO]

Have you ever gone shark hunting with a slingshot? If so, you better've used a Bad Ass Slingshot.  

People typically hunt sharks with harpoons, or maybe bows, but this man uses a slingshot. A Bad Ass Slingshot, to be exact.

Using his very own Bad Ass Slingshot, Sam Wood fatally wounds a shark in shallow water and makes it look easy.


"It looks like a slingshot and shoots like a bow, this is bad ass." That's the Bad Ass Slingshot in a nutshell, packing power and precision in a manageable product.

This goes to show, you can never judge a book by its cover.

Sam Wood's claim to fame came from his Bigtime Bowfishing DVD, and in this video he demonstrates how a slingshot from his very own company, Bad Ass Slingshot, can kill a shark in shallow water.

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Shark Hunting With a Bad Ass Slingshot [VIDEO]