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Shark Fishing Ban Sought by Florida Condo Owners [VIDEO]

Beachfront condo owners in Florida feel that fishing and chumming are to blame for all the sharks, and look to the city for a shark fishing ban.

Local residents near the northern part of Little Hickory Island in Bonita Springs, Florida claim to see way too many sharks swimming near their condos, and believe the local fishermen are to blame.

While residents look to the city to propose a shark fishing ban in hopes of decreasing the amount of sharks swimming right near the beach, the local fishermen clearly disagree it will have any impact.

People assume that not only the fishing, but chumming, which is throwing a large amount of bloody bait into the water, is the main cause for all the sharks in the area.

Local condo owners, Mary Jo and Bob Muske, say they're "a little uneasy, we have seen and heard a lot of buzz from people on the beach and afraid to go in. I think it makes sense that if they are being fed it's attracting and drawing sharks to the area."

City Attorney Audrey Vance said, "Ultimately it comes down to the one truth: local government --cities, counties -- cannot write laws on this subject."

Since the shoreline is public property, the state constitution won't allow the city to regulate fishing.

Captain Kent Massing says, "The sharks are nature, they are going to be here whether they are chumming or not."

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Shark Fishing Ban Sought by Florida Condo Owners [VIDEO]