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Shark Fishermen vs. Alligator In a Beach Showdown [VIDEO]

A group of shark fishermen reel in a small shark from a beach and get a surprise visit from an alligator in this video.

The shark fishermen video, titled “Dangerous Fishing,” was posted to YouTube yesterday. The first 30 seconds aren’t very exciting; it’s just a few guys pulling in a small shark from a beachhead. But when the shark fishermen get their catch to shore, an alligator comes darting out of the water to grab it. One of the shark fishermen gives the little gator a good smack on the head with a gaff, and sends it scurrying back into the sea. Aside from the title, we don’t know much about the video, like where or when it was filmed. We do know it is mildly entertaining. Check it out.

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Speaking of gators, Wide Open Spaces recently had an opportunity to sit down with one of the world’s most famous gator hunters, Troy Landry of the hit show Swamp People, at the 2014 SHOT Show. Landry told us about his lifetime of hunting and fishing on the Louisiana swamps, how the show has affected his life and some of the unique hunting trips he takes around the US.

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Shark Fishermen vs. Alligator In a Beach Showdown [VIDEO]