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Shark Feeds Hungry Texans

An 809-pound Tiger Shark was caught in the Gulf of Mexico, and was fed to dozens of poor and homeless people in Texas.

The shark was over 12 feet long and was caught in Port Aransas, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

Ryan Spring of San Antonio caught the shark using stingray as bait about five miles off the Texas coast on August 3.

Timon's Ministries located in Corpus Christi received the donation, which totaled at 75 pounds of meat. It was the largest fish donation to ever come into that specific ministry.

The Gulf of Mexico is home to several types of sharks. Most commonly in the Corpus Christi area, local fishers will bring in Blacktips, Bonnetheads and Hammerheads.

Great Whites are known to hang out in the Gulf, but they are much less likely to be spotted, let alone caught, anywhere near where this massive tiger shark was reeled in.

The largest Tiger Shark ever caught in Texas weighed over 1,000 pounds and was caught off the Bob Hall Pier. It was about the same size of the Tiger Shark served to the homeless, but it was significantly heavier. However, this record shark was released back into the ocean and may well be the largest catch and release shark in Texas.


Image via San Antonio Express-News/Ryan Spring

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Shark Feeds Hungry Texans