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Could There Be More Shark Encounters on the East Coast This Year?


Researchers are warning East Coast beachgoers to be wary of shark encounters this summer season.

According to Dr. George Burgess, Director of the International Shark Attack File at the University of Florida, the East Coast could see more and more shark encounters as the human population swells.

While shark populations, according to NJ 1015, are at lower levels because of overfishing, conservation and fishing management acts have ensured that the population will healthily rebound over the next few years. Combine more beachgoers with more sharks, and chances of an encounter are bound to increase.

Burgess is quoted as saying that, “Each year over the next probably 20 years or so, we’ll be seeing more sharks each year than we have in the last twenty.” As sharks follow warm-water patterns, this also means that more and more will be traveling northward up the Atlantic Seaboard to the Tri-State area.

Remembering that when we get into the ocean, we are entering an entirely different ecosystem is helpful in deterring unwarranted shark attacks. Many ‘attacks’ are shark’s investigative bites, trying to figure out if we are suitable prey.



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Could There Be More Shark Encounters on the East Coast This Year?