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Shark Brutally Attacks Fish on the Line [VIDEO]

Offshore anglers don't call the shark "the tax man" for nothing. He takes his cut when and where he pleases.

In this video, a shark makes a surprise collection on an angler's Spanish mackerel just as it nears the surface. The predator then promptly tears its stolen prey apart, soliciting yells of shock and disappointment from the fishermen on deck.

Given the circumstances, we can't blame these angler's colorful word choice, but be advised this video has some NSFW language.


Most seasoned fishermen or charter captains say that if a shark is going after your fish, your best bet is to open the spool to give the fish a chance at eluding his pursuer. Not that these fisherman had much of a warning for this shark which was out for easy pickings. Like the other tax man, sometimes it's just best to let it go before you lose more than it's worth.

The footage is a sobering reminder for offshore fisherman that the game isn't over when your trophy is on the hook. It's also a reminder that if you're going to reach for your fish before it's on deck, you probably shouldn't use your bare hands.

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Shark Brutally Attacks Fish on the Line [VIDEO]