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Shark Bites the Hand That Feeds It [VIDEO]

Shark bites don’t only happen to surfers, and this fishermen finds out the hard way when he is tries to get his hook back.

Let’s add this to the list: What not to do when you’re trying to get your hook out of a shark’s mouth.


Wait for it… wait for it… there it is!

It didn’t take long for this shark to show the fishermen how he really felt about being dragged to shore with a hook in it’s mouth. A shark bite like that will make you show a little more caution the next time around, and perhaps find a friend who is more likely to hold the shark in place and not go running like a little schoolgirl.

I bet these fishermen won’t forget how this happened, and hopefully next time find a way to get their hook back without suffering a shark bite.

The slow motion replays are always entertaining, especially when there are people screaming in the background.

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Shark Bites the Hand That Feeds It [VIDEO]