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Shark Becomes the Hunted When Whales Have Had Enough

You just don't expect a shark to become the hunted, especially from whales. 

A drone photographer captured something truly incredible just outside Sydney, Australia near the suburb of Cornulla. A shark is seen being chased and later eaten by what experts believe to be false killer whales. Out of all the ocean dominating exploits we hear about sharks, watching one of them become the hunted is not something you see everyday.

Before we get to the video, false killer whales are no joke. Just like real killer whales, the hunt down and eat just about anything that is smaller than them. As you are about to see, that does include sharks.

So after all of that, perhaps we should be more afraid of killer whales up to and including the false variety more so than sharks. I mean, if a killer whale can eat a shark, doesn't that make them king of the ocean? Of course I'm joking. I don't see the Discovery Channel switching out "Shark Week" for "Killer Whale Week" anytime soon either.

Anyway, how cool was that? That shark, whatever it was, just didn't really stand much of a chance against a pod of those false killer whales. I doubt much in the ocean would either.


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Shark Becomes the Hunted When Whales Have Had Enough