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Shark Attacks Giant Trevally at Angler's Feet [VIDEO]

Shark Attacks giant trevally on the end of angler's line

The speed with which the shark attacks is just incredible in this footage from the saltwater flats.

These fishermen were having an enjoyable day fishing in the salt and had already seen some sharks. The commotion created when the shark attacks by charging in right at their feet to chase the giant trevally (GT) is entertaining for sure as is all of the whooping and hollering.

The amount of water that the shark pushes when it turns is impressive as well. Just don't watch this before heading to your favorite beach or you might be too scared to get in the water!


Even though the shark was not all that big, the speed it possesses is unreal. The poor GT is running for its life and the shark is not holding anything back. The shark just thinks it has found a good snack. The fishermen are actually fortunate that the shark is not any larger or else things could have ended badly.

If you fish long enough, then you will probably have an apex predator attempt to take something off of your line. Sometimes it might be a bird, probably more often it is a larger fish. If you ask me, I think shark attacks top any of those other experiences.

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Shark Attacks Giant Trevally at Angler's Feet [VIDEO]