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Shark Attacks 7-Year-Old In a Louisiana Lake [VIDEO]

It may seem hard to believe, but Louisiana has sharks in its lakes.

“Don’t worry son, the big, mean fish are only in the the ocean. This is a lake, so you’re totally safe. You can trust me, and if this doesn’t go well, it won’t scar you for life or anything,”

Spoiler alert: The kid’s fine, and expected to make a full recovery.

This lindidreni video from CNN affiliate WWL-TV shows the nasty-looking wounds in what is the most common type of shark attack, typically referred to as a “bite-and-run” attack, in which the shark in question is testing out potential prey to see how wounded/vulnerable/tasty it is. So that’s fun.

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Go in the lake, they said. It’ll be fine, they said. Those things touching your toes are just algae, they said.

Unfortunately for an unnamed 7-year old boy in Lake Pontchartrain, which technically isn’t really a lake at all,  THEY WERE WRONG. But don’t worry, we’re at least fairly sure Little Jimmy will learn to do things like enjoy the water, learn to fish, and trust his parents again.

The wounds inflicted are consistent with a 5-foot bull shark. Apparently bull sharks have a higher brackish water tolerance (that’s a mix of salt and fresh water) and can swim quite far up coastal estuaries, such as Lake Pontchartrain. Local fisherman in the area have reported pulling bull sharks out of the water recently, so chances are even greater that a bull shark was the culprit.

So if you’re going to go swimming in Louisiana, wear chainmail, apparently.

In all seriousness, these attacks are practically unheard of. Which is good, because if you want to go out in the country in Louisiana, it’s not like there’s a whole lot of other things that can quickly murder you almost instantly or anything.

No more lake swimming for you? Or just bad luck? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Shark Attacks 7-Year-Old In a Louisiana Lake [VIDEO]