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Shark Attack on Pro Surfer is Broadcast on Live TV [VIDEO]

shark attack

The Summer of the Shark continues with an unexpected shark attack at a surfing competition.

Former world champion surfer Mick Fanning is the target of a shark attack at the J-Bay Open surfing competition in South Africa while waiting for his next wave.

Watch as he manages to beat off the toothy attacker, all while it is being broadcast on live TV!

As violent as the shark attack initially looks, Fanning escapes with just the leash on his surfboard being cut.

“I just saw fins, I didn’t see the teeth,” Fanning said. “I was waiting for the teeth.” It’s hard to see, but Fanning got some shots in. “I punched it in the back,” he said.

Another surfer who was waiting nearby was also pulled from the water and the competition was put on hold. An official said later in the video there were two sharks even though only the one is visible.

It’s so eerie when the fin comes up. This is a real-life scene from “Jaws.” I guess if you’re going to be attacked, at a competition with medics and lots of help present is the best possible place!

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Shark Attack on Pro Surfer is Broadcast on Live TV [VIDEO]