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Share Your Love of Fishing with Your Kids Using These 7 Cool Tips

Want to share your love of fishing with your kids? Here are 7 easy tips that'll have them fishing like a champ in no time - and loving it!

The reality today is that kids spend more time in front of their TVs, computers, and smartphones than outside in the healthy sunshine. Does it make you long for the days when you were young and out fishing from dawn till dusk coming home proud, sharing your string of fish with your dad?

It's time to share that experience with your own children.

Start teaching your kids while they're young, and you will create a lasting bond and lifetime memories with them while they learn about responsibility, the environment, boating, fishing, and safety skills.

The American Sportfishing Association completed a study on anglers which showed that 90 percent of fishermen got into the sport before they turned 20. 70 percent of those anglers were already fishing by age 12. While it's never too late, the sweet spot for learning how to fish is 10 years, though children as young as kindergarten-age can pick up the skills.

No matter the age, the benefits are overwhelming, from developing and strengthening family bonds to giving children an outlet beyond the realm of technology.  Summertime is here - why not start this weekend? Your kids will thank you for it - and your grandchildren will do the same one day.

Young happy family with kids fishing in pond in summer

1. Teach your child everything you know.

Not only are they learning about fishing, but they are learning about YOU. What a cool way to build an amazing lifetime bond with your child.

2. Everywhere is a learning experience. 

Start learning at home, the library, or your local bait and tackle shop making sure that your child is a part of the process of simple tackle selection. When choosing what to fish for, the more interesting, colorful, and unique the fish, the better.

3. Don't overdo it. 

Keep the first few trips relatively short and find spots close to home.

4. Protect yourself!

Use lots of sunscreen and make sure they wear protective clothing and gear to keep the trip pleasant.

5. Fill 'em up!

Be certain to take plenty of snacks and treats, which are especially helpful during frustrating moments.

6. Be patient.

This will be a lot harder than going out fishing with your buddies. You will have to re-bait hooks, untangle lines, and break up knots over and over, but this day isn't for you; it's for your child.

7. Let your catch be tonight's dinner.

What an awesome lesson to teach your kids about the benefits of hard work, determination, and patience.

Always remember as the responsible adult to make sure your catches follow the legal limit guidelines. Do not take more than you can eat, and always know that you are your child's role model.

Two fresh gilt-head bream fish with lemon cherry tomato pink salt and pepper on cutting board

Through fishing, you can impart lasting lessons that will guide them toward being responsible and conscientious anglers and citizens, ensuring the future of our fishery resources.

And last of all, HAVE A BLAST!

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Share Your Love of Fishing with Your Kids Using These 7 Cool Tips