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Shane Mahoney Launches the 'Conservation Matters' Podcast

Listen to Shane's speeches from around the world in podcast form.

Scientist, wildlife expert and conservationist Shane Mahoney has recently launched his very own podcast entitled "Conservation Matters with Shane Mahoney". The podcast topics are driven by Shane's previous speaking engagements throughout the world regarding the challenges to conservation and the environment in an ever changing world.

If you are unfamiliar with Mahoney and his work, check out this video recorded by the National Deer Alliance of Mahoney's keynote address at the 2015 North American Deer Summit.  In it, he speaks about our role as hunter-conservationists and engaging citizens on the importance of bringing the topics of conservation and hunting together.

Discussed in the video as well on his podcast, Mahoney also speaks about the Wild Harvest Initiative, a study conducted by his Conservation Visions Inc organization with the goal of quantifying the nutritional and economic impact of wild game provided by hunters and anglers in North America and Canada.

Shane Mahoney, a Newfoundland Native is the President and CEO of Conservation Visions Inc. He has earned an advance degree in Zoology and has over 30 years of experience working as a scientist, wildlife manager, advisor and policy maker as well as a filmmaker, writer, narrator, lecturer and  tv and radio personality, all within the scope of conservation.

A recognized expert of the North American Model of wildlife conservation, Mahoney is a vocal proponent of sustainable use and communicating conservation to the general public while promoting hunting as a important tool in the preservation of species on the landscape.

The Conservation Matters podcast can be listened to via Stitcher and iTunes. Connect with Shane here on Facebook.


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Shane Mahoney Launches the 'Conservation Matters' Podcast