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Shadflies in Iowa and Illinois Are So Deep You Need a Snowplow [VIDEO]


An Iowa and Illinois bridge was covered in so many shadflies this weekend that it literally took a snowplow to clear the path.

The shadfly (also known as mayflies) invasion happened this past weekend in Sabula, Iowa, and Illinois border completely shut down the Savanna-Sabula Bridge.

Teena Franzen, a Sabula citizen was out with her son, Stephen Thayer who happens to be a reserve officer for the Sabula Police Department, when they came across the shadfly-covered bridge. Thayer said that he noticed traffic was not moving along the bridge because of the flying insects and got out of the car to investigate.

What he found was that the bugs had taken over the bridge.

“Biggest thing I noticed was after cars were stopped and sitting for so long while we’re trying to get cars moving again is they were probably piled knee high in front of their headlights from just sitting there,” Officer Thayer said.

After finding that two motorcycles had lost traction trying to get through the bridge, Thayer chose to bring in the big guns.

“We had Iowa DOT come in with a snowplow and actually plow them off and then sand it because it was still pretty slippery. And then Illinois plowed their side.”

Franzen was able to capture some of the insect invasion on video.

WQAD8 reports that the lights on the bridge will be kept off for the next few weeks so that hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

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Shadflies in Iowa and Illinois Are So Deep You Need a Snowplow [VIDEO]