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These Shades Are Made from Recycled Fishing Nets [VIDEO]

Plastic trash in our oceans is a hazard to marine life and the environment. These guys came up with a brilliant idea for using recycled fishing nets.

Two companies partnered up to help get rid of ocean plastic, while reusing the materials for another purpose.

Bureo Skateboards, in Los Angeles, focuses on finding innovative solutions to ocean plastics. Karun Eyewear, in Chile, produces eyewear from natural and noble materials.

Together, the two companies created the Ocean Collection made up of recycled sunglasses.

Ocean Collection has three different sunglass models: Yuco, Newen, and Kayo. Karun Eyewear named the sunglasses based on native whale species off the coast of Chile.

The sunglasses are made from Bureo’s Net+Positiva plastic. The nylon fishing net material from this program can be traced back to the location where the nets were removed from the ocean.

If a customer can’t wear a pair of sunglasses anymore, the company provides credit for the returned sunglasses. The damaged sunglasses are then recycled to make more sunglasses.

This is reusing and recycling at its best!

Pledge to their Kickstarter here and get yourself a pair of fishing net shades!

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These Shades Are Made from Recycled Fishing Nets [VIDEO]