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7 Cheap Ways To Control Your Scent

With the economy still recovering from a tough recession, hunters haven’t had as much money to spend on their favorite hobby—a fact that has left many cutting back on some “less essential” hunting accessories. One of the categories that have seen a major cutback in recent years is scent control. However, while scent control accessories may often seem pricey, controlling your scent remains an important thing for hunters to do. Deer have an extremely acute sense of smell, and hunters who have caused a buck or doe to bolt before taking the money shot may have their own odors to blame.

Luckily, there are ways to control your smell that won’t empty your wallet. These seven cheap ways to control your scent use common household ingredients or alternative purchases to handle your smell on a budget.

1) Scent-Free Body Wash.

Some hunters swear by cheap body soap as a method for killing odors. Good for washing both your clothes and body, generic or bargain-brand soap is less expensive than specialized hunting soap and can often serve the same function.

2) Baking Soda.

 Nearly every house has a box of baking soda handy, thus, making this method an old stand-by for hunters. Simply wash your clothes with baking soda to kill deer-alerting odors.

3) Vanilla.

 Scrubbing your clothes and body free of odors is one thing, but some hunters swear by cover scents for piquing a deer’s curiosity. Deer don’t connect the smell of vanilla extract with human predators, making it a perfect and inexpensive cover. Buy a generic, no-brand bottle and mix it with water to make your money go further.

4) Scent-Free Baby Wipes.

 Why use expensive hunting-specialized wipes when scent-free baby wipes can serve the same purpose? Equally great for wiping down your hunting equipment or cleaning your hands, baby wipes are easy to buy in bulk.

5) Hydrogen Peroxide and Distilled Water.

We won’t play favorites here, but the internet is filled with different variations on this recipe for an easy and cheap scent killer concoction.

6) Scent-Free Laundry Detergent.

 If you want to be scentless in the hunting arena, removing flowery laundry detergents and scented soaps from your day-to-day life is a good idea. Not only will your hunting clothes smell more natural, you won’t have scented laundry detergent smells clinging to you from other outfits.

7) Unscented Deodorant.

 This one almost goes without saying. Both body odor and masculine-scented deodorants will set off a deer’s warning bells.


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7 Cheap Ways To Control Your Scent