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7 Best Boar Hunting Videos You’ll Ever See

best boar hunting videos

These seven best boar hunting videos might be the most intense you’ll ever see.

This graphic accumulation of seven best boar hunting videos you’ve ever seen is intense and thrilling. You might want to buckle up because each will get your heart racing, no doubt!

1. The close encounter

This close encounter put you up close and personal with this hunter as the tall grass disguises the boar. Even the dog is on edge because it can smell the boar, but is having a hard time seeing the giant pig.

2. The knife kill

Beware! This is really graphic, but still how many boar hunters approach what they do. They get close enough to stab the boar. This one just happens to be massive.

3. The spear hunt

Hogs are abundant in many places nowadays, so sometimes you just have to try spear hunting for them.

4. Bowhunting the suckers

Compared, to some of these videos bow hunting seems simplistic for hunting hogs, but that’s not always the case. These Australian boar are a force to be reckoned with.

5. The close call charge

This boar charge might cause you to close your eyes due to the hunters who carelessly waive their gun barrels around. Yet, this still remains a very close call.

6. The air rifle

Shooting hogs with an air rifle? Yes! Put this on your bucket list because it’s easier said than done.

7. Tannerite always wins

And of course, tannerite. When you have a hog problem this might be the easiest way to take care of it. However, this proves extremely dangerous and you must keep a safe distance in this situation.

Hog hunting can be a lot of fun, and most states allow for year-round hog hunting. If you get the chance, video your hunt and maybe yours will be one of the top hog hunting videos ever!

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7 Best Boar Hunting Videos You’ll Ever See