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Here Are 7 of the Best AR-15 Add-Ons

Here are seven of our favorite new add-ons for the AR-15 platform.

Hands down, one of the single best features about the AR-15 platform is its flexibility. The AR platform offers so many options for customization that no two rifles deserve to be the same. Considering all of that flexibility, the market is flooded with an unbelievable quantity of aftermarket add-ons for you to choose from. Here’s a list of seven add-ons we’ve picked based on our own research.


JP Enterprises Offset Mount

This do-it-all offset mount is a little workhorse. This adapter offers a 45 degree rail and features a quick detach base. Throw this on the top rail of your AR and you’ve got mounting options at the 10:30 and 1:30 positions. This mount is available from Brownells at just over $50.


OSS Suppressors

These extreme condition suppressors from OSS are unlike any other. Unlike most suppressors available today, OSS suppressors are not built around baffles. The company claims that their turbine-style model reduces the sustained pressure created through a baffled system. This also reduces the bolt blow-back velocity allowing your rifle to function closer to original spec. More information, including dealer locations, can be found here.


Custom Ejection Port Dust Covers

Add a little personality to your next AR build. These dust covers are available in countless designs and allow you to make a statement with your rifle. As if you weren’t already doing so. Available here with multiple designs to choose from for around $13. Better yet, add an extra buck and customize your own.


Fab Defense GLR-16 Stock

If you want a stock full of features, look no further. This simple add on quickly takes your rifle to the next level. With built-in battery storage and six separate sling attachment options, this stock has it all. Beyond that, you can actually fit this stock to both mil spec and commercial receiver tubes without compromising performance. A non-stick rubber recoil pad and removable cheek riser complete the total package for this sweet stock. Find it from Police Store here.


SOS Gear Custom Paracord Rifle Sling

Make toting that precious toy of yours around a lot easier with a high quality sling. These paracord slings from SOS Gear are a great way to do that. Choose your length. Choose your colors. And do it all from their easy to use website. This two-point sling comes with top-of-the-line swivel attachments and is available at various price points. A custom sling fit to your style of carry and your personality are icing on the cake of a great AR build.


Command Arms ACC Bipod

A good bipod is a must for range or general prone position shooting. This picatinny mount bipod solves the problem we’ve been waiting for someone to address for a while. Thankfully, it removes exposed springs and other connections that might snag on clothing or other gear. Each arm is independently adjustable to four locking positions to find the perfect rest for any situation. Removable legs as well as a combination of reinforced polymer and steel construction make this one mean bipod. Available here from Brownells.


Trijicon Acog Scope

What AR is complete without a superior optics system? The ACOG, or Advanced Combat Optical Sight, is all business. You’d be hard pressed to find a better performing AR optic. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll shoot better with it, it might be the best chance you’ve got. These scopes are available with multiple options and specs. You’re sure to find one that fits your purpose.

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Here Are 7 of the Best AR-15 Add-Ons