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Setting up Your Vehicle for Self Defense [VIDEO]

Tips and ideas on how to set up your vehicle for success in a self defense or emergency encounter.

We all have places we need to be. School, work or out with friends. Therefore, we spend a lot of time in our cars and trucks. Have you ever stopped to think about how to place equipment and items in your car or truck so they are easily accessible in the event of an accident or even a deadly force encounter? I have things stashed all over my SUV because you just never know. Folding blades, bandages, even spare ammo. But what and where are some of the best places to put things?

Jason “Jabo” Long from Ronin Strategies talks about how to set up your car with the best places for pieces of equipment and things you should have. He talks about how he has his car setup.

Here’s Jabo with some great ideas for you.

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This is one tricked out truck. It is awesomely equipped with a lot of medical supplies in case of an automobile accident. He goes over some worst case scenarios and Jabo even says don’t put your handgun under your thigh like he does in the video. Not the smartest in a real-life situation.

Don’t listen to Lady Gaga next time you get in the car. Prepare your vehicle so you are ready to save lives.

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Setting up Your Vehicle for Self Defense [VIDEO]